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Monogram Cake Toppers & Other Personal Details for your Wedding

Completely Covered Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Topper Rhinestone Monogram Cake Top Letters Swarovski Crystal Cake Top Letters
A wedding is a day of creation. It's the making of a new family, a new start, and a new name. Whether you're joining last names, hyphenating or keeping just one, your names are a common thread throughout the day. Celebrate the union of your names, hearts and souls throughout the entire wedding process. From the monogram invitations sent out, to the monogram cake topper above your gorgeous cake, to the monogram favors sent home with your guests you can incorporate these monogrammed touches to nearly all of your wedding details.

Two Simple Letters
When they're on a monogram cake topper it's just two characters on a cake– but those two letters mean so much more deep in your heart. They're scratched in a tree trunk, surrounded by hearts and penciled next to "4-EVR" in notebooks. Just two letters, sometimes three, that will make your forever last – forever.

Forget the Name
No one is about to forget your name, but they may not know your soon to be's name. Too many times those distant relatives don't quite recall the name of your fiance. No worries, with monogrammed details like monogram cake toppers, monogrammed unity candles, and monogrammed place settings. Even the arrangements of monogrammed wedding favors will remind all of your friends and family of the two names that have been joined together.

Send the Name Home
There's no better way to immortalize your name for ages than in your wedding favors. If you plan to have a photo booth, see if they can print your initials on the photos as well. Monogrammed wedding favors come in many forms, such as monogrammed favor boxes, chocolate square or travel tins. Often they're programmed to print with the wedding photographer's logo, so it may be simple to add your monogram the screenshots. Be sure to get a shot next to the wedding cake with the monogram cake topper for a fun, personal shot as well.

Honor the Tradition
Did you know that traditionally, the bride's initial comes first on the monogram? It's true! Incorporating in this classic tradition is easy, especially since a monogram is so much different from just a set of initials. Designed to be a beautiful symbol, monograms usually read first initial of the bride's name, last initial of both the bride and groom in the center in a larger size, and the grooms name on the right.

Daisy-Days.com is here to help you with your monogrammed wedding products, including monogram cake toppers, favors, and invitations. Put your special touch on every details of your wedding with those simple letters that will be a part of your life – forever.