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How to Perform a Unity Sand Ceremony

How to Perform a Sand Ceremony - Step 1 How to Peform a Sand Ceremony - Step 2 How to Peform a Sand Ceremony Set - Step 3

Tradition is a huge part of any wedding ceremony, no matter your race, creed or culture. When you want to merge two very different families together or add another level of intimacy to your special day, unity sand kits allow you to try a fun, new ceremony. Many couples are choosing unity sand kits over unity candles or other wedding events. Here's how to use these beautiful keepsakes in your ceremony.

Before the Wedding
Fill the pouring vases with sand. Then set up the kit on a table near to where you'll be standing or where it will be easily accessible. This way you won't have to halt the ceremony to start the unity sand ceremony. Most unity sand kits will come with at least two pouring vases – one for each of you. You can also get additional sand and vases to include the other members of your family as well. More couples are finding that bringing their parents into the unity sand ceremony makes the symbolism of the union of families even more accurate. Additionally, another vase can represent God or the couple's spirituality, or other vases can be used for children in mixed families or second marriages.

During the Ceremony
When the time comes, draw attention to where your unity sand kits are being displayed. Let the parents go first if participating. Then, the couple can pour their sands in, either one at a time or both at the same time. Usually, most brides and grooms pour each of their sands individually before coming together for the last pouring.

- If you want layers: Pour one sand color into the vase at a time, in a circle to create an even layer. Then, pour the next color in using a similar method so all of the layers overlap to create a pattern. In order to create many layers, don’t use the entire vase at once.

- If you want to mix the sands: Pour in two colors at once, creating a perfect mix of sands that can never be separated.

Once you've filled the vase with the sands, set aside and continue the ceremony.

After the Ceremony
Place the lid or stopper on your kit to keep your sand contained. If there is no lid, you can create a wax seal by melting clear candle gel or wax over the top. Should you need to travel, be sure to travel upright with the unity sand - not packed in luggage. Additionally, your unity sand ceremony vase or kit can be used as a keepsake decoration in your new home!

Pick from your choice of colors for your everlasting memento and with the selection of unity sand kits at Daisy-Days.com also choose from picture frame, shadow box, and decanter unity sand kits for your ceremony.